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Ongoing Events

This is one of the THREE calendars I use to keep track of what is going on in Detroit.  (I am a long-time Google user but other systems also allow you to overlap multiple calendars.  When there is an empty evening on my personal calendar, I just overlay this calendar and my other "Interesting Things" calendar to see what I can do.)  Everything on this calendar is FREE and repeats weekly through September.  (Summer in Detroit literally has something scheduled every day but at least some things continue through September).  

Eventually, I will create a special calendar for this website but for now this will have to do...

BTW, I use Facebook to find out about many of the things going on in town.  If you don't already have a FB account, I suggest setting one up and "LIKE"-ing all of the groups/places/events you are interested in.   (Facebook Search for them, go to their FB page and click LIKE).  Anything they post on their FB page will appear on yours instantly.  It is an easy way to find out what it going on.  

Ongoing Events