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I came to Detroit interested in food security but quickly realized that that issue is inexorably linked to transportation.  If you would like to help me with a project to bring shuttles of shoppers to Eastern Market from the neighborhoods of Detroit, send me an email!  

As for transportation, I am still looking for the group responsible for regional transportation planning.  I know about the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) but, at this point, the only thing I've heard them talk about is the bus rapid transit system.  M1 is working on M1.  DDOT has their hands full with city buses.  Detroit Greenways is doing what it can for bicycles.  But no one is talking about a coordinated plan that includes public transportation, highways AND complete streets.  Detroit could be a leader in 21st century transportation planning, instead, I'm only seeing 20th century ideas (i.e. add more lanes, build more parking garages).  Please let me know if you share this obsession.

Traffic calming saves lives! 
Bicycles are good for business!
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