It's summer so the FREE Fitness Calendar is back on the home page! Remember to click on the link associated with any event to get the latest updates. 

Free Exercise in Detroit

Welcome to the temporary (OK, maybe not so temporary) home of www.retire2detroit.org!  The original purpose of this site was to share all the wonderful things I discovered in Detroit since retiring here from the Hudson Valley of New York but I have to confess that I have let that slide. Now, it's main purpose is make it easy for me to share my study guides and calendars of free events. 
To overlay this calendar on your own Google calendar, click on the Fitness Events on the left and follow the instructions.

 Have we met?  
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My gmail address is maria.urquidi  
(I'd put the full address but the auto-spammers would notice it and I'd be deluged with trash email. 
Just add @gmail.com to my name.)